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CFA stands for "Comes From Away". It is another way of calling someone a foreigner. Term is mainly used to not come off as a racist or neophobe.
Guy 1: Damn rich CFAs buy up all the beech property, live here for 2 months out of the year and then tell us how the whole town should run.

Guy 2: Yahh damn foreigners!!

Guy 1: *gasp*
by NoHeart July 12, 2009
Complete Fucking Anarchy

The Sex Pistols are infamous for this acronym.

Also used by many rebels of skaterboarder origin.
Hey Jay look at for those cops.

No way lets go C.F.A. on their asses.
by Ad{}{}bis November 28, 2003
(noun) a cry for attention. one who does anything just to get some publicity
Anthony is such a CFA. He'll do anything just to get noticed.
by Quinn McNamara August 05, 2008
a graffiti krew from watsonville california originaly started by hype
cfa krew is a mad graffiti krew
by orme February 26, 2008
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