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London School of Economics.
The most prestigious social sciences Institution in the world, produced a quarter of all Nobel prize winners in Economics.
Are there many toffs at LSE?
by George February 20, 2004
1) where people are known to stand in the library and generally chat about how many books they've read.

2) hopelessly formal and either overtly conservative or conservative (but hidden) place where people who rule the world reside
Person in library #1: oh, i've just come back from hong kong

Person in library #2: ohh, i just came back from singapore

Person in library #3: ohhh, i just came back from hong kong - been round the Malay peninsula but then flew to New York for fun but had to write my essay on the plane back
by Synesthesia August 14, 2005
place where geeks and international jet/set diplomat kiddies meet to learn how to make out of rich people even richer people or how to become prime/minister in your home country.Fittest Girls can found in international relations lectures, while in general there is a substantial lack of fit birds at the university.
The LSE is the most international university of the world.

Nerds, Diplomats, Sars, Loosers, Finance society

Male Students for the Introduction of a Fashion Design Department at LSE.
by Joseph de saus February 20, 2006
London School of Economics and Political Science:

As of 2004, 4th best in England* and the Europe*, 11th in the World*.

10th in the world for humanities and
2nd in the world* for social sciences.

In accordance with Times National and World League tables.

Nb. Social science defined as Law, Economics, Business, Politics, etc.
LSE is only second to Harvard in the social science league tables
by Giant Ant February 28, 2005
Low Self-Esteem. Someone who you can tell lacks self-esteem either by action or words.
That girl is a LSE.
by tsphil January 20, 2003
a.k.a. Leslie. A girl with low self esteem. Primarily used in social situations when a male is looking for some female companionship and needs to fnd the path of least resistance...Usually not the prettiest (or slimmest) girl in the room. On rare occasions, the girl may be extremely attractive physically with some sort of severe emotional defect due to childhood trauma or other disorder( see Howard Stern) Cannot be used to describe dudes.
John: AYO, imma go holla at this chick in the corner by herself...She got L.S.E. written all over her lonely face.
Jack: That should be an easy piece of road beef my friend.
by H-Town77071 April 28, 2009
one who is leet in CS that many believe he/she must hack
fuk that cunt is a lse
by Kingsley March 20, 2003
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