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Person who works in a financial services cost centre. They dream of running a hedge fund and believe they are smarter than everyone else. They work no more than 35 hours per week, their bonuses come in the form of pastries. Term was developed by myself in response to Rajesh's cringing at the term Back Office Monkey. It is believed that Rajesh was quite hirsute and took the term personally
Jagov - Look at the BOMs gather round the doughnut box, its a shame I'll have to give half of them pink slips tomorrow. I just hired a fellow from Bangalore who can make them all redundant and he doesnt mind day old pastries.
by Jagov March 30, 2005
Young kid of asian heritage living in the outskirts of London. Has delusions of grandeur on a continual basis. Father owns a rather successful convenience store, netting enough for a decent family life. Unfortunately Lion2004 is embarassed by his family.


He's a gangly testosterone challenged white boy from old money. He's a complete disappointment and dreams of one day restoring the family pride
Bad Teeth - When will Lion settle down and take care of the family store?

Worse Teeth - Never, he dreams of running an import/export empire.

Bad Teeth - He can start by ordering a few tins from the continent, the store room is running low.

Worse Teeth - He was born fully equipped (hermaphrodite), Parents obviously erred in arbitrarily choosing the male gender.
by Jagov May 10, 2005
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