The global frenzy with the breakout NBA performances (starting in February 2012) of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Shu-How Lin, who graduated from Harvard.

Lin + Insanity = Linsanity

It's an official word in the English language, according to the Global Language Monitor.
I started watching the NBA again because of Linsanity.
by Leverett_IMs March 20, 2012
Hype or excitement towards up-and-coming Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. Often said after an outstanding athletic performance, usually in basketball.
Dave: Did you see the Knicks game last night? Jeremy Lin dropped 25 points!

Rick: Totally dude, it was Linsanity!
by Haywood Jiblomy March 01, 2012
Referring to Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks, who in recent weeks has become one of the most popular players in the NBA.
Linsanity refers to the madness he has created around the world, especially in New York City and his native China/Taiwan.
Linsanity has got this crowd going wild!!
by jdrnyk February 27, 2012
Jeremy Lin's Trademark: coined by NY Daily News When the NY Knicks was on a losing streak so bad, and the team desperate needed a point guard, they found Jeremy Lin. Lin has turned around and made the Knicks back in the game with a 7 winning streak gave him the instant popularity, therefore linsanity.
OMG Knicks has gone Linsanity
by wayx3 February 25, 2012
The raging and sudden emergence of the Taiwanese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin, who broke the record for most points scored in a player's first 5 career starts and also the most turnovers. Harvard Grad that went undrafted in 2010 and was cut by 3 teams this season alone.
Every word we use now has the word Lin in it.. do to the fact of Linsanity
by Jbird February 15, 2012
The craziness that is sweeping the nation.

Refers to Jeremy Lin of the NY Knicks and the amazing man he is.
The Jeremy Lin.
To Linfinity and Beyond.
afdhaf did you watch the game last night?
freaking linsanity bro
by Annabanana February 15, 2012
The meteoric rise of New York Knicks Point guard, Jeremy Lin, an improbable Harvard graduate Chinese-American NBA basketball star who became an improbable media darling despite a Time Warner Cable contract dispute with the MSG Network, prompting New Yorkers to illegally stream games in the winter of 2012. Not to be confused with Lindsanity - a reference to Lindsay Lohan coined by Perez Hilton - the term Linsanity was coined by mid-2010 when Lin's acquaintance Andrew Slayton registered the domain name
Linsanity is the ultimate Cinderella story!
by KeyLimePie February 16, 2012

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