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A term to describe something as insane as Jeremy Lin's play and influence on the world.
That crossover was linsane!
by chessarmenia February 19, 2012
5 0
Something insane that has to do with Jeremy Lin, point guard for the New York Knicks.
Guy 1: "Did you see the game last night?!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, the Knicks did awesome!"
Guy 1: "It was Linsane!"
by Tommy Gee February 15, 2012
4 2
To perform a task at a mediocre level for a period of time and then suddenly excel beyond belief at that task.
Yea, I thought the Lakers would win, but then that one guy went all Linsane on them...
by EmployeeNMBR12 February 17, 2012
1 1