The mania surrounding New York Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin. He is most well known for his sudden apperance, and him being cut multiple times. He is also a Harvard grad. He is also the first Taiwanese-American to play in the NBA.
Guy 1: Dude this jeremy lin guy is really good.
Guy 2: I know, he is "linsane" on the court.
#linsanity #espn #nba #new #york #knicks #jeremy #lin
by SuperLintendo February 23, 2012
the proverbial hype over an asian point guard in the NBA.
"Whoa did you see that linsanity moment the other night?!"
"Yah can't believe he's ASIAN!"
#linsanity #jeremy lin #lin sanity #lin #knicks
by Jeffy_912 March 06, 2012
The only word that can describe the beastly performances of Jeremy Lin, the first American-born player of Taiwanese descent, who had a breakout season as a point guard for the New York Knicks in the 2011-2012 NBA season.
Dude A: Jeremy Lin is Taiwanese and went to Harvard, there's no way this guy can ball.

Dude B: Are you kidding me? 38 points against Kobe and 28 points against the Mavs? It's LINSANITY!!!
#jeremy lin #new york knicks #nba #basketball #taiwanese #harvard #asian american
by fbgr February 21, 2012
An Asian-American, Jeremy Lin, who graduated from Harvard, playing point guard in New York Knicks now. He has played very well since Knicks beat New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, and Washington Wizards as a bench player and a starter. His performance has impressed people who live in New York. After three games, Lin has become the most popular Athlete in the big apple and in the NBA.
Reporter: Why do you wear this jersey?

Audience: Because of Lin-sanity!!!!
#jeremy lin #harvard #new york #new york knicks #taiwan
by Biinghuei February 10, 2012
The extreme amount of hype that surrounded New York Knicks Point guard Jeremy Lin after he was given a starting position where he carried his team for about a month and consumed sports tabloids. Linsanity had died down following the knicks loss to Miami heat, but still exists and will return with another winstreak.
Jeremy Lin was 25 for 32 last night, that's some serious linsanity if you ask me
#lin #jeremy lin #linsanity #nba #knicks #new york
by dimsum7777 March 04, 2012
The craziness basketball star Jeremy Lin has brought to the table. One of few Asian players on the NBA that has made basketball exciting to watch, attracting viewers and media attention from all over the world. Other words brought upon from "Linsanity" include but are not limited to: Linning, Linstoppable, Lincredible, and Super Lintendo.
Have you seen Madison Square Garden lately? Linsanity has hit!
#linsane #linstoppable #jeremy lin #17 #linning
by linforthewin February 24, 2012
"The Craze over Knicks Star Jeremy Lin", who went undrafted in 2010 and was cut by a couple teams, but helped the Knicks go on a winning streak in 2012.
Linsanity has swept the nation and improved the Knicks play and tv ratings.
#linsanity #jeremy lin #knicks #undrafted #nba
by etheric83 February 23, 2012
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