Linsanity is the insanity that Jeremy Lin offers to basketball! He puts the l on linspiring, the l in lintendo, and the l in linning. This guy became an overnight sensation!
Guy 1: You seen Jeremy Lin last night?
Guy 2: Fuckin' LINSANITY!
Guy 3: Yeah, he drives better than most Asians!
by BrandonUD February 19, 2012
The cultural phenomenon created by the sensational play of previously unknown Knicks point guard, Jeremy Lin.
Linsanity has sent the NY Knicks' television ratings through the roof.
by chessarmenia February 19, 2012
The craze surrounding Asian NBA guard Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. Starting from a humble beginning with not a chance given in sight, opportunity finally arose with injuries to multiple Knicks players and Lin took off SOARING.

It's safe to say that after his first few games starting that he has already cemented himself as one of the greatest of all time. He is truly a special player that could probably calculate you out of existence if he truly wanted to. Don't mess with Lin unless you want to DIE!
Came out of nowhere and shot out of a cannon is JEREMMMYYYYY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIN with another 30 point night with the game-winning 3 point shot! This is insanity NO IT'S LINSANITY!!
by O Championed One February 19, 2012
When a seemingly average, unspectacular person suddenly erupts with success and develops a ridiculous cult-like following.
Rick: You gotta check out sportscenter. This guy who was cut by his old team just ripped off 20 points and 10 assists 4 games in a row! They say he's the best pg in the league!

Tom: How are you already wearing a t-shirt with that guy's face on it?

Rick: Apparently his tears can even cure cancer!!

Tom: Sounds like linsanity to me...
by da1n February 19, 2012
The concept of cheering for Asian American NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin because he keeps on winning with his team and everybody goes crazy for him.
Linsanity continues as Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks win again!
by me123456 February 19, 2012
The act of a Chinese American basketball player named Jeremy Lin succeding in the NBA against all odds
Hey man did you see the Linsanity last night he went of for 34 points.
by Lin baby Lin February 19, 2012
Linsanity is a pun on Jeremy Lin's (NBA player) name that describes the excitement surrounding Jeremy Lin and his high scoring breakout performance with the new york knicks in February 2012.
Jeremy Lin is the Tebow of basketball...

... Linsanity
by WACrown February 18, 2012
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