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Being so stoned that your eyes appear very very low, like that of Asian sensation and New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.
After smoking a fat dutchie to the face, Marklar was Linning so hard that Unk thought he was sleeping.
by BackRowBandit February 15, 2012
While a couple is fucking, when they cum, their cums fuck each other while the couple fucks each other. In other words, cum-fucking.
I love to lin. Linning is my favorite activity.
by iLoveToLin November 09, 2010
A synonym for winning. However, linning only occurs when the individual who is winning was the underdog whom no one ever believed could amount to anything and was given a chance because no other option was available. This situation is usually accompanied by the linsanity that is the result of watching this individual win so hard. This term was first coined to describe the legendary rise of the New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.
At the ball, Cinderella was linning!
by uclatommy February 15, 2012
1. The humble “pregame” ritual of putting on your glasses and flipping through a bible prior to dominating life's big events.
2. (Alt) - The act of an in game celebration by bowing down and praying towards your teammate

Synonym: Tebowing, JLinning (see

Origin: According to Forbes Magazine, the original secret handshake between Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields is them flipping through a Bible, taking off their glasses, and tucking them away in their pocket protectors.
We ain't Tebowing anymore, we Linning
by JLinning February 14, 2012
Linning is what happens when an undrafted player is thrown into an NBA regular season game, and replaces an injured megastar who wasn't getting the job done, and shows teamwork, and winning attitude.
Did you see Jeremy play last night? Linning!
by VinnyBoombatz February 10, 2012
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