to act drunk when you are not; trying to fit in with the crowd and make yourself look cool when really it makes you look like a huge loser; common occurence among designated drivers.
Person 1: "hey man, what are you drinkin tonight?"
Person 2: "nothin, i'm gonna ling it"
at party...
Person 3: "wow, that guy is real drunk!"
Person 1: "naw man, he hasn't drank anything tonight....he's linging"
Person 3: "ohh....dude you're such a linger!"
a year later....
Person 3: "dude, remember that time you lung??"
by SusieQ252 July 15, 2006
(n) The sound made when you throw a pan against a hard surface such as a wall or a floor. This is commonly done by Chinese people in order to name their children. Thus, there are millions of chinese people named: Ling, Ching, Ang, Ding, Dong, Chang, Pang, etc.
After throwing the customary pan against the metal wall, the old man heard the sound "Ling!" and immeadeately named his newborn song Ling.
by your mom February 11, 2005
Ling is a common name for Asian boys and girls. They are smart, great at sports, and music. Always gets A and higher in tests, always scores the winning goals and breaks the records, and has a great singing voice and has mastered an instrument. Ling's always cares about what they look like, and always try to make others happy, although not everyone always likes her/him. They have great hair, eyes, and body. Ling's have a great sense of fashion. Ling's are nice, trustworthy friend that will always have your back. Ling is an all-rounder that everyone wants to be friends with.
"Who's that chick sitting over there?"
"That's Ling, she scored an A+ in the maths test yesterday!"

"Which dude scored the goal yesterday?"
"That was Ling, he's got some sick skills."
by rookie cookie October 26, 2015

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