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Dope Ass Lifestyle
This is a total DAL
by Dope Ass Lifestyle July 22, 2015
A California way to say sandals. Obviously a shorter, quicker way to say sandals.
Ben - "Paul, where did you last see my dals?"
Paul - "I don't know man, check the closet."
by Ray Chill October 29, 2008

Is an abbreviation for someone who ended up in dead ass last. Pretty self explanatory.
Man I was playing cards and I got shat on. But at least I didn't come in DAL ( Dead ass last)
by Bryces99 June 26, 2016
Verb:- Cockblocker.

Someone who ruins you chatting up a burd by butting in and being over the top.
When you are chatting up a burd and your mate comes over and says "Wooooahhhhh!! Your hot, maaaaaaannn! Whats your name?"

Man with potential:-"Hey man, I was chattin up some hot burd over there n my mate came over and totally ruiner everything!"

Random person:-"He's such a Dal!"
by Viz Chops May 06, 2010
Dummy Ass Loaded
K: Hey you got some trees?

D: Hell yeah! Come over so we can get DAL!
by dollilolli June 14, 2011
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