A chacter from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
She is somewhat of the Chosen One's companion. Although she really wasn't needed in the movie, she provided some good quotes for all Kung Pow fans.
Chosen One: "You broke a thermometer in my hand"
Ling:"Rub it it my hair..."
by Elise W. November 03, 2004
A state of monetary denial. I.e. Claim to be rich when you are not.
Don't be a ling.
Don't pull a ling.
Girls love guys with money, but i just ling.
by Marcusch October 04, 2007
Cigarette. Another word for "lang"
"yo, I need to smoke a ling!"
by Nora Jane March 26, 2007
One who lingers in large groups; a Ling is not opposed to overstaying their welcome; moreover, Lings express an usual desire to seek housing arrangements with other Lings for reasons not always clear or logical; may be associated with extreme untidiness; Lings tend to be white males in their 20s, however females as well as males of other ethnic backgrounds may also fall under the Ling category.
If you have a place of your own, beware of Lings. They will visit frequently, arriving at early hours of the day and leaving at late hours of the night. If your company leaves behind trash from the local fast food restaurant seek attention immediately; you have been the victim of a Ling. Furthermore, a group of friends may decide to rent a house together, whether or not the decision makes sense financially. Individuals whom linger around the residence of a Ling may be referred to as Half-Lings.
by Starr905 October 13, 2011
Short for Zergling, usually used in the phrase "ling rush" which is an early attack with Zerglings in a game of starcraft.
The guy's ling rush killed the n00b in no time. (See n00b)
by Ick October 19, 2003
verb; to ling, noun; the act of stealing from the mall.
past tense: lung
origin; Sandy Valley region of Northeast Ohio
No way, i lung a hat today. Can you ling me a belt?
by Paul_Blart September 30, 2010
The noise one makes when stabbing a knife into the air.
Oh my balls Dick! The killer is after us! ::From behind them:: LING! LING! LING!
by thesearEmyinItialS February 03, 2008

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