Top Definition
A sock used to soak up ejaculate after masturbation.

A cum encrusted sock

A wank sock
Don't wear THAT sock, it's a linford!
My favourite linford is so crusty its like a papier mache sock
I just found a crispy linford under little Tommy's bed
by Jennie Al February 13, 2011
Person who drives other people's cars, particularly their father's car.
Stop being a Linford and get your own car!
by Peterson August 28, 2003
Slack scrotum generally found covered in aspic or creosote. Can be pursuaded to work by poking repeatedly with a stick.
He was particularly like Linford in his attitude to work.
by Peterson August 27, 2003
1. another of chips alternate personalties
2. someone who thinks they are good at sports, but really suck
oh god, chips turned into linford again
linford, stop hogging the ball and pass it here, thats the 2847th goal you've missed!
by botaf October 24, 2003
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