Well to me it means - the girl in the moon. Someone I look up at with joy and happiness. With truth in my heart and love in my soul. It means a friend that helps keep the home fires burning in my heart when the coldness of loneliness comes howling through my forest. Your name means smiles and laughter. It means real friendship and strength through chaos and madness. Your name, my beautiful friend is the only one that is more important then my own .for without the girl in the moon , I would have never been the boy below looking up ,free from my fears and truth in my heart.

Perfect for Italian men chasing dreams with spaghetti forks and chefs who want to feed a beautiful girl that will eat everything but no leftovers bleh . Loves shopping and yoga pants flip-flops and bong hits.
"I never knew lindsey like I know lindsey now, which taught me what I never knew about myself "
by Boydwnbelow January 03, 2015
A super sexy girl who anyone is lucky to be with. Super kind and always nice. Every guy wants her and anyone with her is lucky. She is super sexy
Wow, that girl is sooo Lindsey.
She's being such a Lindsey.
by tibby April 08, 2012
n. A person that you can spend hours with or talking to and you never grow tired of. They are the only person that can make you truly have fun. These individuals tend to be extremely smart and have the most beautiful smiles and are usually blonde with blue eyes. Their presence causes you great joy and their absence only sadness. You only want to make them as happy as possible because their happiness makes you happy. Although you would give anything if they were yours, it will never happen. There are several reasons that you can’t be together and all you can do is dream of a life with her although you will never have it. But if your one of the lucky ones named Joshua or Jacob give it a try, she likes her "J" boys. The worst that can happen is that you'll fail!
Friend 1: "i guess she's okay"

Friend 2: "are you kidding? I love that girl... She's a Lindsey"
by BigggaNiggaBlue April 27, 2013
A girl who is her own special kind of crazy. She loves most people but hates ignorance. Doesn't get along with most females so she has lots of guy friends she's sweet kind and caring usually with big eyes and a gorgeous smile. This person you either love them or hate them there is no in between for this person. They would do anything to try and keep everyone happy but they also want to make themselves happy. She wants to love someone as much as they love her and she thinks she does but isn't ever really sure she's a great friend and you're lucky to find one
Guy 1- That's my lindsey girl
Guy 2- God. lindsey is gorgeous

Girl 1- lindsey sure gets to all the guys.
by ThatChick0303 December 02, 2015
N. A bitch ass hoe who leaves you all alon for your friends and calls you shit because her pale, tortilla looking ass couldn't get her own motherfucking friends.

V. I'm Lindseying you because my tortilla looking, mayonnaise loving, bitch ass is a dumb motherfucking hoe!!!!
Marcus: Who's that mayonnaise looking hoe??
Sarah: oh that's that bitch ass Lindsey. Hoe I'm sorry Lindsey omfg well shit
by 200cabbagesupmyarse June 14, 2016
A wonderful girl. This is the type of girl who is amazing,talented,and beautiful. Although she can be a bitch she is very kind hearted and everyone needs a piece of her. She brings happiness in to a room filled with sadness, smiles into a room with frowns and makes a room filled with crying into a room filled with laughter!! There is always joy around her. She may have a hard life underneath her happiness and kind smiles +her bright shining blue eyes but never shows it to other people. The only person she can let her guard down is her boyfriend if she has one and her dearest friends😘
she is such a lindsey
by Chickmunk1804 June 18, 2016
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