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n. A person that you can spend hours with or talking to and you never grow tired of. They are the only person that can make you truly have fun. These individuals tend to be extremely smart and have the most beautiful smiles and are usually blonde with blue eyes. Their presence causes you great joy and their absence only sadness. You only want to make them as happy as possible because their happiness makes you happy. Although you would give anything if they were yours, it will never happen. There are several reasons that you can’t be together and all you can do is dream of a life with her although you will never have it. But if your one of the lucky ones named Joshua or Jacob give it a try, she likes her "J" boys. The worst that can happen is that you'll fail!
Friend 1: "i guess she's okay"

Friend 2: "are you kidding? I love that girl... She's a Lindsey"
by BigggaNiggaBlue April 27, 2013
A super sexy girl who anyone is lucky to be with. Super kind and always nice. Every guy wants her and anyone with her is lucky. She is super sexy
Wow, that girl is sooo Lindsey.
She's being such a Lindsey.
by tibby April 08, 2012

Loves to fuck but her parents don't know it
Dude I wanna fuck Lindsey
by Fuck u all January 02, 2014
Person 1: Hey is that girl talking to her lint?!

Person 2: Wow she must be Lindsey! One of the legendary lint masters!

Person 1: She's cool! Lets go talk to her!
by Lindzar May 20, 2013
A girl who plays way to many games and then wonders why guys stop talking to her unless shes drunk and DTF.
Example -
Guy 1 - Yo steve did you ever hang out with lindsey yet?
guy 2 - No way bro she plays way to many games!
by Austin mitchel October 16, 2011
My gf who is the most amazing girl in the world. She makes me smile everyday while talking to me. Whenever she hangs up I call right back. If shes still in school she texts me. She is my most favorite person in the world and nobody can replace her!
by greendayrb January 30, 2012
A girl who is tall, beautiful and athletic. Usually has blonde hair and blue eyes and is very seductive. Lindsey can often be found working on hip hop dance routines and practicing her free throws. Lindsey is an all around babe that any guy would be lucky to get with.
Boy 1: Dude look at that babe over there.
Boy 2: Whoa she is a total Lindsey!
by BrodyB January 08, 2013