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One of the most attractive human beings to ever exist. You can chase this elusive creature for eternity, but deep in your heart you know you will never be good enough for her. And whoever she's dateing, she can do better, no matter who she's with. She can turn even the biggest manwhore into a one woman kind of guy, without even knowing it. She has dark hair,perfect teeth, and Green/Blue eyes that are amazing, even though she dosent like them. She is around 5'4" which is perfect for when you hug her, and her head rests right on your shoulder. She likes to read ,(which is rare). And cant help herself when it comes to Justin Beiber. You can't help getting excited, when she is happy. And when she gets sad you cant help but become angry/threatening at what ever is causing something so perfect, so much pain. In short: She is perfect for everyone, but to perfect for anyone.
Enchanted Guy #1:"Who is that angel in the corner, reading a nook?"

Enchanted Guy #2:"Thats Lindsey, but don't bother, she is to perfect for any mortal man."
by TheBiggestManwhoreSheKnows January 18, 2011

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