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noun. a gorgeous girl that has it all figured out. Her smile is so infectious that whenever you're around her you can't help but be happy. Laughter is pleantiful wherever she goes. She is so kind that no one could ever hate her, and if they tried they would end up hating themselves. Drama is something that she hates and never starts. She happens to be a bit on the short side with her height, but that doesn't stop her from standing out. Her personality is so unique, at times it can be scary. This girl is living her life the way God wants her to with high morals and a servant's heart. She is the best friend anyone could ever ask for and that only some can attain. She is the most down-to-earth person you've met in a long time. You never tire from hanging out with her. She is your shoulder to cry on, helping hand when you need it, and sunlight when all around you is darkness.
Lindsey is my best friend since the beggining of middle school.

I wish Lindsey was here; I need someone to make me laugh.
by musicluvr623 June 13, 2011

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