Strange considering it's better than anything you ever pay for. Music, Music Videos, Porn, pictures and everything else

It is illegal, but it's impossible for anyone to get caught using it (Since it's legal to have Limewire on your computer and only the stuff directly on your computer can be traced)
If you pay for something like Limewire, but not Limewire (Bearshare) You are an idiot, and need to get shot immediatly
A file-sharing program that has a shitty search engine, and the files are usually mistagged, especially files that are rare or just leaked. Almost anything you type will bring up low-grade porn.
Person 1: "Hey, I just downloaded The Simpsons Movie on my laptop with Limewire. Wanna watch?"
Person 2: "I'd rather not, that's probably a mistagged file that's taking up a bunch of space on your hard drive."
Person 1: "Whatever. Your loss".
(opens movie up just to see a gay sex video)
Person 1: "AGGHH!! My eyes!! Fuck you Lamewire!!"
by Deathgrind > you August 26, 2007
A program that makes stupid mainstream celebrities get less rich.
Justin Timberlake: I could've gotten 2 more yachts, a bowling alley, and a football field if it wasn't for limewire. *cries and sings*

Me: Haha, real musicians play and make music because they ENJOY IT and they're NOT sellouts that just try to make money.
by NikolaiAkaNas February 19, 2007
Another reason for people not to pay for their music or to share child pornography.
A 'file sharing' (MP3) netweork hosted by gnutella.
Thought to be one of the most reliable file sharing programs around and the comes with no extra spyware/malware/adware.
Go to and download the latest version of Limewire. Share until your heart's content...
by SpadeFace January 25, 2005
nearly all the files are porno and if you manage to find the song you are looking for, it will already be replaced with some guy talking about america.
Guy 1: let's donwload lion king

Guy 2: not from limewire , it's probably porno

Guy 3: never mind, i wanna see sum lions gettin funky !
by Wobbo April 07, 2008
means for which aquring porn, is free and easy. the reason a 14 year old with a new computer winds up with an unexplainable virus problem, and a smile on his face.
limewire: click video, type in: happy feat
result: happy feat fucking hardcore rape fuck xxx
by sweatybob69 July 10, 2008
a big memory hogging program that is one of the worst programs you can put on your computer for filesharing. Other than maybe BearShare, Limewire is the most spam ridden programs you can use. If you want to use something that does not take up any space, hogs up little memory, and is very lightweight and a lower chance of getting damn malware, then use utorrent.
Joe: You got Limewire on your computer
Scott: I used to until I started using utorrent and discovered that it was much safer to get my stuff from torrent sites like Pirate Bay
by fanboys of anything suck dick April 18, 2010

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