A file-sharing application for mac users that beats the shit out of morpheus and kazaa and gives you great results.
"I'm glad I have limewire instead of having shitty file sharing programs that have spyware on them."
by marcotte July 24, 2003

Strange considering it's better than anything you ever pay for. Music, Music Videos, Porn, pictures and everything else

It is illegal, but it's impossible for anyone to get caught using it (Since it's legal to have Limewire on your computer and only the stuff directly on your computer can be traced also dont pay for limewire pro. ^_^ just download it off limwire normal for free =]
free hentai? look up limewire
by bornsmart October 10, 2006
program used for illegally gettin stuff.

its great for music and music videos

crappy for anything else, most of it is garbage spyware or just plain duds.

dont download anything thats 851.7Kb, if u havnt realized, its a virus.

y u usin limewire!! Its ILLEGAL!!! hehe
limewire is good, and crap
by gplpark92 July 26, 2006
1. The easiest way to get ausome porn videos for free, without the popups.
2. a great way to get music
3. The best way to get programs.

Person1: Man i need some porn
Person2: Just type girl on LimeWire and you will get a ton of porno movies

Dude i need that song....i'll just download it of Limewire

Shit....I Need photoshop and it costs $500 its ok i can get it off LimeWire
by Lemonwire July 18, 2006
An p2p application that was founded in 2000, but has now, as of the 26th of October 2010, been shut down by the authorities i.e. The RIAA. It used the gnutella network system and was at one point THE p2p app to use.
People could download all types of files with Limewire. However, the amount of viruses, rootkits and malware that could be accidentally downloaded with this app was obscene to the point of it being a conduit for malicious software that could potentially ruin you AND your machine.
by gothic_hobbit October 28, 2010
A free online file-sharing service matched only by Kazaa Lite K++ (the suffixes are important), which is very difficult to find, so of course Limewire, being more accessible, is a more popular service. Both are free, and both are spyware-free, but again, Limewire being more popular it has more members and probably more files to share, yet KLK users can also share with pay-for-my-files Kazaa losers.
I think I'm the only one with Kazaa... but everyone else uses other similar services with equally strange names.
by Steelo J. February 14, 2005
A File Sharing Program That Is As Good AS Any Other Program
But Is Way Easier To Use. The Only Problem Is That Theres Way Too much Porn. I Searched For A Weird Al Video And Half The Search Results Were Porn. Heres A Warning To All Limewire Users, Whenever You See A File Thats 1050 Kb DONT DOWNLOAD IT!!! Unless You Were Purposely Looking For porn. Even If It Says The Lion King Dont Get It!
Hey Mom Look I Could Download Anything I Want For Free In Limewire!
Look The Lion King Movie Lets Watch!!!
OMG Timmy You Fuckin Perverted Bastard
You Are Never Going On This Computer Again!!!!!
by EMU NOOB August 05, 2006

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