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4 definitions by Wobbo

nearly all the files are porno and if you manage to find the song you are looking for, it will already be replaced with some guy talking about america.
Guy 1: let's donwload lion king

Guy 2: not from limewire , it's probably porno

Guy 3: never mind, i wanna see sum lions gettin funky !
by Wobbo April 07, 2008
42 16
the common bling amongst chavs
aww mate check out dis chavvy chain i got from argos, it turns green in the shower. awwww maaaate
by Wobbo April 21, 2008
5 1
the best vision of them all. exclusive to asians.
asian 1: yo dude check it out i got asian vision, now i can watch 2girls1cup in widescreen mode
asian 2: awesome
by Wobbo July 26, 2008
7 12
term used at sankey for people who smoke round the back of the school
fuckin' hell did you see all those smoky joe's, there like a homegrown army
by Wobbo April 21, 2008
1 8