limewire. easy, spyware free. veeeeery big on spam. every time you search for something, all of the results are porn. no matter what the title says.
guy one: hey i think i want to look at some porn.

guy 2: sure, just go to limewire and type in cat in the hat, or the lion king.
by oifoundedoi July 16, 2005
a godsend, when combined with an ipod and an IQ of over 26, you can actually get free songs on your conveniently overpriced apple manufactured handheld music player.
Joe: shit dude, i'm broke. i went through 9 $25 itunes cards and i still want to add more songs.

John: hey asshat, get limewire. you already paid $400 dollars for your ipod, you deserve free songs.
by (O_O) c====3 February 25, 2009
Take heed!! I once thought that limewire was God's gift to the poor man. But evil lies in there. Just remember while your downloading tunes, that there lies an awful virus. Be quick, before it gets you too. Just be careful, be very careful.

Friend: Dude, you should totally download Limewire, It rocks!!
Me: OK (later) Dude, you were right, it so totally rocks!!
Me: Dude you suck!! Limewire ate my computer WHOLE!!
by hiphoplvr08 January 17, 2007
a program for your computer to download all sorts of goodness music and you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some musics right from your own personal music folder.
napster sucks, morpheus sucks, bear share sucks, its all about lime wire.
by purps June 24, 2006
A music/video/program sharing thing. But now its full of porn and virus'. Downloads are sometimes shitty, and sometimes take forever. But Ive found the secret. Just take the good files your friends download from their computer by a cd. No risk of virus' because theve already been on someone's computer and it didn't crash. And hopefully someone fixed the labeling. So feel free to mooch off your friends, because who actually bothers to upload music anyway? Same diffrence.
Joe= I don't wanna risk downloading my shit off limewire, so no, I don't have anything you can download.

Bob= Oh. Well your my friend so Ill let you in on a secret. Be a Limewire Hobo, and go ask take your friend's illegal downloads like I do. Stupid.
by kccc=] June 22, 2007
A portal for pedophiles to watch child porn.
Pedo: Woot only 3 hours b4 my 15 sec long child porn clip finishes downloading from limewire!
by bancontrol April 16, 2009
in general, a very good program if you are looking for free music. beats the living everything out or morpheus an kazaa.

mostly virus free, unless you start downloading porn.


(file scan complete, 0/0 virusses found and destroyed.
"Sexi babes getten on" has finished downloading.
Norton Anti Virus: Sorry, we give up. Recomendation: Burn your computer to protect yourself from AIDs.)
John: hey, limewire, nice. i bet you got alot of sexy pronz on there?"

Tom: *Stares at computer screen droolling"

John: holy shit dude, 1 file and your computer raped you up the ass with a rock?
by Arpeggiate February 26, 2009
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