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Another reason for people not to pay for their music or to share child pornography.
A 'file sharing' (MP3) netweork hosted by gnutella.
Thought to be one of the most reliable file sharing programs around and the comes with no extra spyware/malware/adware.
Go to www.limewire.com and download the latest version of Limewire. Share until your heart's content...
by SpadeFace January 25, 2005
A person whose facial appearance seems to have been sculpted by a shovel.
An insult to the ugly or the facially deformed.
A steriotypical miner or used to describe somebody who has a dirty face, like coal.
Your mom's got a spadeface.
Hey spadeface, when did you last wash?
by SpadeFace November 02, 2004
1) The internet equivalent of streetwise.
2) To know all the latest internet based scams and tricks.
3) A webwise person is a hacker or person who performs illegal acts online
4) To be master of all that is web-based
Ya gotta up on ya internet shit fo yo ta be a webwise mofo.
L33t H4xx0R's are webwise.
Nerdforums admin were considered more than webwise
by SpadeFace November 02, 2004
The Grim Reapers Horse.
"Post Hast Binky", not that the grim reaper would ever say that...
by SpadeFace November 02, 2004
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