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A Hispanic who has grown up in a white-wash area, or has by either outside influence or inner drive, ignored or abandoned his/her culture to be like the Caucasian race members.
Matt's such a Lima Bean, he can't even speak Spanish anymore.
by Walter Alvarez August 24, 2007
the cool green odd looking beans that a lot of people do not like to eat. Some say that they are awesome looking though.(like JustRandom)
they are very ace.
"hey can you pass me some of those ace Lima beans, i want to make a necklace." 1st person says

"well surely" 2ed one says
by JustRandom143 December 01, 2008
to be extremely high
Dude I was so lima beans last night I cried after a deep conversation with garden gnome.
Lets go get lima beans tonight.
by J-Dia April 02, 2011
a person or thing that lies so much, that you can't tell when they're telling the truth anymore. if someone or something is a lima bean, they don't wear pants for every time they do, the pants catch fire due to all the lies.
Geez, Michelle was telling me a story last night & you could tell it was al bullshit.. she's such a lima bean!
by hullaballoo(: January 15, 2011
When a girl takes her used condom, empties it out and freezes the skizz, and then discreetly puts it in her man's ice cream the next day. A technique for emasculating and humiliating a heterosexual man by providing undeniable proof that he has swallowed semen, albeit unknowingly.
Watch out dude, I heard she slipped her last boyfriend a lima bean!
by Zyaarrrrgh July 23, 2009
A Caucasian Male who has been exposed to so much Latin culture through his romantic relationship that he begins to exhibit extreme Alpha-Male traits including but not limited to: red-face, machismo, know-it-all, paranoia, photographic memory only when convenient to him and baldness.
Hey Gloria, your man is such a Lima Bean!
by AriesChic327 January 23, 2016
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