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to be anally violated in the back of a car by the driver

(adjective) to look like you just got raped in the back of a car by the driver
(v.) Jebus, Spencer looks like he just got Lil Bow Wowed in the back of his step dad's winnebago.
(adj.) Sweet lord that Ll Bow Wow ass bitch better watch his ass next time on the bus.
by Beecha & Spenca November 23, 2003
Fuking gay ass wannabe rapper who swear he da shyt adn got raped by his body guard ... god way to guard his body ... well newayz stuped dumbfuck who liek it up the ass.
yeah stick it up my black boy pussy yeah ripp dat shyt
by jermaine December 28, 2003
Some little shit-stain who is trying to get as much attention as the bigger shit-stains in the rap industry
Lil' Bow Wow looks just like and is the size of my turd in the tiolet
by Qwerty March 19, 2004
a young stupid guy that thinks hes all bad and also thinks he could get all the 20 year olds
lil bow wow should go to his dog house and eat his dog friskies
by rock goddess September 20, 2003
Heard in song "Hood Nigga Remix" with Young Jeezy ....
Refering to the fact that lil bow wow didnt earn shit, he was born into a weathly family. He is a Lil bitch who gets shit from his dad, with no talent or brains.

What a crazy ass nikkkkaaa.
"First off Imma mother fuckin G
And I'll never let a bitch Lil Bow Wow me." -Jeezy
by King Mtwiz October 13, 2007
(noun) Double meaning. Li'l Bow Wow is a teen rapper who got his nickname from Snoop Dogg ("bow wow" is what dogs say in English) However, in the video, 50 Cent puts his hand at knee height to show how big the guns are.
Lil' Bow Wowss
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
Little corny ass wanna-be gangsta rappper who in five years will star in a nationwide "Where are they now" tour with Kriss-Kross, Another Bad Creation, Lil' Romeo, B2K, and Soul for Real!
Dont mess wit Lil' Bow Wow, hell bust a cap in your ass!!!
by clownin' March 06, 2006
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