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On the remix to Gorilla Zoe’s “Hood Nigga,” Young Jeezy has a line where he says “I’d never let a bitch Lil Bow Wow me.” What did you think when you heard that?

Man, you know’s what crazy about that? When I heard the record, I loved the record. T.I. had an album release party and I was in the parking lot. I saw Jeezy and I said “What’s hap’nen’?” He came over to the car, it was all love, we shake hands or whatever. It wasn’t a diss. Basically, what I think he was trying to say was, when I made the record “Outta My System,” it was for Ciara. I guess he was saying, “Yo, I’ll never let a chick get me down to the point where I’ll make records about her or where I’ll be all hurt about her.” It was just an undercover line, but really it wasn’t. It was just like, “I ain’t never gon let a chick get me down like that. I’m seeing this nigga in the rain.” I didn’t really think it was a diss, and if it was, that night when I saw him in the parking lot he definitely wouldn’t have came over to my car and said what’s up because I already know how real niggas get down.
Referring to 'Outta my system.' Weather it be because he wrote a song crying over a bitch or because of Ciara 'like a boy' come back.

He be all lil bow wow over this chicken head.
by Furley January 02, 2008

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