it is a mannerism to describe a certain item of choice, with no specific definition known by anybody except an elite few..
dude:yo jigga
him: sup fooliosis
dude: dude nick paul is such a fool for being himself
him:yea man like a mug...
dude: ohh yea and he'll never know what that means either
by jiggamatic March 14, 2011
Slang used to describe an action in the mannerism, "like a motherfucker".
Get at me, like a mug.
Chillin', like a mug.
like a mug.
by getatmelikeamug August 29, 2009
Resembling a ceramic container with a handle, used to hold hot beverages.
A glass is like a mug, but it's used for cold drinks.
by Salamanderz September 27, 2010
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