The jumjum break in speech primarily to try and think of the next line of lies to cover information and projects that are not being worked on.
I called like the department like and the like coordinator like did not ever like call me like back.
by Juan Agent February 17, 2006
Used in place of a pause or period; primarily in California.
Like that was totally like not cool like I couldn't believe he did that like that was soo not him like yeah.
by Jerad November 29, 2003
A filler word that has no real purpose in conversations
I just like don't understand what you meant when you said that I was like kind of mean.
by Free Amerika April 05, 2015
a word to be used in between every word in a sentence
"u r like so like weird like its not like even funny"
"like don't be like so like rude
by 1drox January 28, 2015
A grammatically incorrect and annoying ''filler'' word regularly used by Americans and students when having a conversation.
''I was like going to school today and I saw like this girl and she was wearing like the worst outfit ever. I was like p-lease!!''
by Jacoby Withers October 03, 2013
A word overly used by dumbasses to fill a sentence when they are thinking of more bullshit to gossip about. Used widely by teens, and anyone else who uses it once or twice can usually get addicted to saying it. AND it can be annoying as shit.
OMG! I was like straitening my like hair and then my boyfriend like called me a FUCKING WHORE!!! IM TALKING TO ALL PEOPLE READING THIS!!!
by sumoleong September 27, 2013
1. similar to

2. to be interested in, enjoy

3. a meaningless word teenagers insert liberally into both colloquial and formal speech in order to maintain a steady stream of words
Lindsay, you're really like, like my previous, like, girlfriend in that I like, really like, like you.
by Wes64 August 24, 2013
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