A word used by bitchy preps who think that they are all that....Hilary Duff.
That was like a bangin like party last night.
by angelica November 29, 2004
Like put either at the beginning or end of wods to exptess something that is good
like..that was the best day ever
by Flat 20 crew October 08, 2004
a word to express exsageration of something and to stall from spitting out words
Like he was like and I was like and yeah it was like um um yeah like totatly
by Tori July 06, 2004
a word used in sted of uhh that was stared with the movie Valley Girl
Like, oh my God!
by Mike January 04, 2004
Full stop
"How's it going, LIKE?"
by Dave December 14, 2003
practically every other freaking word in Californians' vocabulary

a necessity to Californian language; a Californian accent, if you will

Kaitlyn said, "I mean, it's not like he got all the way to third base, like, I kind of, like helped him there, but, like, he, like kind of like wanted it."
by The Friendly Yellow Letters March 15, 2009
Prenounced *lee-keh*
Hylian for "eat". The term LikeLike means "an eater of sorts". Gradually calling a Hylian this means your probably refering that this person is fat.
A man takes a women to dinner, she orders everything and in his mind he says "What made me think to date a likelike..."
by Feanaro Lossehelin February 24, 2008

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