Like is the word used when you're having trouble telling a story. However, sometimes is used way too often. If the word is over used, you could look an uncreative douche who tells horrible stories. Like, you don't wanna, like, look like you like don't know like what you're like, saying. Like like like.
Stephen: Like you take it and like you have to like....

You get what I'm saying.
by NastyDelicious May 26, 2014
To be used to express what someone said and the emotion they said it with...
She was like, "We are breaking up right now!"
by ralfriddle October 10, 2013
A word overly used by dumbasses to fill a sentence when they are thinking of more bullshit to gossip about. Used widely by teens, and anyone else who uses it once or twice can usually get addicted to saying it. AND it can be annoying as shit.
OMG! I was like straitening my like hair and then my boyfriend like called me a FUCKING WHORE!!! IM TALKING TO ALL PEOPLE READING THIS!!!
by sumoleong September 27, 2013
compassionate feelings you have
I like you Hillary Tran.
by VKT January 07, 2008
A word commonly used in the secret languge of the Valley Girls.
So, like, I said to him, like, would go out with me, like, 'cause, your like, so dreamy.
by David April 24, 2003
Hillbilly for "to need". Some say it's a form of lack, but my folks (dustbowl okies here in california) knew the word lack and were perfectly capible of pronouncing it. But when they were short of something and needed a little bit more, they used the word like.
I only like three dollars having enough to buy that shotgun in the window down at the hardware store.
by johnny walton November 23, 2006
Can be used as a substitute for "ish" and other such suffixes.

"He's all stupid-like whenever he gets drunk."
"You think you're so smart and superior-like, doncha?"
by Free Pen Day December 16, 2005

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