A word that always comes before "Oh my god" in a sentence. Usually used by girls of all ages who live in the San Fernando valley of California, which is actually a pretty cool place.
"Like, Ooooh my god, that guy is so hot!"

"Like, Ooooh my god, your pants are like so totally awesome!"

"Like, Ooooh my god!"
by jimbobjoeshmoecheese January 15, 2004
A space filler that many mid-western and southern californian teens alike have unfortunately gotten accostumed to using even when they're not thinking between sentences.
"Dude, that 2nd matrix movie was like bullshit. They have like this half an hour fight between Neo and Smith and in the end he just like flies away."
by Matry McMatrix November 29, 2003
the language of the blondes
like... omg... you didnt even give your child a birthday party
by Nitr0us! August 17, 2003
compassionate feelings you have
I like you Hillary Tran.
by VKT January 07, 2008
A word commonly used in the secret languge of the Valley Girls.
So, like, I said to him, like, would go out with me, like, 'cause, your like, so dreamy.
by David April 24, 2003
Hillbilly for "to need". Some say it's a form of lack, but my folks (dustbowl okies here in california) knew the word lack and were perfectly capible of pronouncing it. But when they were short of something and needed a little bit more, they used the word like.
I only like three dollars having enough to buy that shotgun in the window down at the hardware store.
by johnny walton November 23, 2006
Can be used as a substitute for "ish" and other such suffixes.

"He's all stupid-like whenever he gets drunk."
"You think you're so smart and superior-like, doncha?"
by Free Pen Day December 16, 2005

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