A term usually expressed when having sex with a "dog ugly" member of the opposite sex. Could also be used when slapping uglies with a PAT. “Lights out” is normally substituted for a lack of beer goggles.
Brian had to go "lights out" when he tagged PAT.
#beer goggles #bagger #charity screw #clan digger #hills pump
by Woody Johnson November 22, 2006
Top Definition
When two balls are shot into the last remaining cup in a game of beer-pong, eliminating the chance of an opponent rebuttal
G1 "why didn't you take your rebuttal shots?"

G2 "Conner and Ipp just went lights out on us."

G1 " HaHa...you guys got fucked"
#pong #beirut #beer pong #beer #drinking game
by buckkkkk April 23, 2009
In sports, it means great performance.
"Maddux was lights out on the road, winning 8 of his last 9 decisions."
by erotica69 September 17, 2005
To knock somebody out
*POW* Lights out mother fucker !
#drop #knockout #annihilate #hit #punch
by ErikTheBeast February 23, 2006

1. bedtime

2. time to die
Lights out little one. Its time to go to sleep.
#lights-out #rack duty #rack time #sack drill #sack duty #sack time
by Light Joker February 10, 2007
It is a time from the morning to the evening when street lights must be out because the sun shines all daytime.
"Lights out!", commanded early morning the chief of the town and a electrician switched the lights off there.
#light #switch off #day #electricity #daytime
by wwvvw February 28, 2009
When somebody drops a deuce and the fan is connected to the light switch. the switch is turned off when they leave. the stink permiates until a victim walks in to use it.
Hey bro don't go in there. It's lights out.
#deuce #shit #crap #stink #dropping
by steverxl January 14, 2009
1) When a man ejaculates onto a person's face so their vision is blinded.

2) Choke a bitch
Shawne Merriman went lights out on Tila Tequila.

When I went lights out over this girl's face she couldn't find the handle to the bathroom.
#jizz #choke #bitch #cum #money shot #face
by dodersesh September 07, 2009
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