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a life saver when it comes to smoking marijuana
bong- $60, ounce of dro- $250, Lighter- $1, Munchies- $10, applying eyedrops before confronting parents- priceless.
by chodey paterson June 28, 2008
When towards the end of oral fellacio, a man would hold the females eyelids open and ejaculate into the womens eyes. Giving the appearance of having thick eye-drops in her eyes.
Man I gave that girl some mad eye-drops last night, I yelled "don't forget your visine bitch!!
by WeezyWee December 29, 2010
a mix if jizz and tears
When a penis enters the eye of a person giving a bj, resulting in eye drops, and possibly an infection.
by IMDIRTY February 22, 2011
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