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1) A woman/man who appears much hotter in the dark than with the lights on.

2) The act of turning off the lights to hide an unattractive mate.
1) Bro, its last call at the bar. Club lights are about to come on and your in for a surprise. That girls a light switch.

2) Although she's ugly, i haven't got any in a while. When i get home, i'll just light switch her.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
a little crazy raver girl
"whoa look at lightswitch dance her ass off"
by LightSwitch September 27, 2005
A man/woman who is easily turned on or aroused.
The girl saw me naked and was turned on faster than a light switch.
by Serah-xmhmm March 06, 2008
name for a person because of a very small penis
Curtis is hung like a lightswitch so everyone in gym class calls him "Lightswitch"
by billy julio June 29, 2007
an extremely small dick
Buddy was afraid to change with the guys before and after hockey games because he was hung like a light switch.
by myk4bz October 27, 2006
A alcoholic drink made with equal parts bourbon (traditionally Southern Comfort) and squirt.

Refers to the fact that the drinker will go from sober to drunk very quickly with no buzz in between, i.e. flipping a light switch.
After two lightswitches, i was straight drunk.
by Evan Carr October 10, 2005
A switch that turns on a light bulb.
It was dark in the house so my mom turned on the light switch.
by Freya-Chan April 01, 2010