When you flick the female clitoras as if it were a light switch, in a light switch motion.
Larry: I totally Light Switched that girl last night, she loved it.
Dickbuttkiss: Yes you did.
Larry: Yes i did.
by DrNufario March 18, 2011
1) A woman/man who appears much hotter in the dark than with the lights on.

2) The act of turning off the lights to hide an unattractive mate.
1) Bro, its last call at the bar. Club lights are about to come on and your in for a surprise. That girls a light switch.

2) Although she's ugly, i haven't got any in a while. When i get home, i'll just light switch her.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
V. The act of pulling a girls tampon out before proceeding with sex.
"Dude this chick said we couldn't cause she was on her period. So I light switched that hoe and raw dogged her all night long."
by Gnarkill_TKE March 02, 2008
when a guy and a girl is on and off from a relationship like a lightswitch
i cant beleive you guys lightswitch relationship!
by lrnzo April 16, 2004
something you call when you burp...then you call safety if you not near a lightswitch or don't feel like getting up...and if you don't grab and touch a lightswitch then someone gets to punch you:)
by eggss and bacon April 05, 2008
A very small penis, usually belonging to someone of Vietnamese descent.
Wow, Tri is like a Light switch down there.

DAAAAAAAAAAMN GIRL, his dick was so little it looked like a light switch.

The Right switch may be rittle, but you riked it a rot.
by rittle redhead August 26, 2008
Flick the bitches eyes when you're recieving head; turning off her lights and cumming on her eyes, gluing them shut.
Guy 1: I flicked a light switch on your mother last night.
Guy 2: Thats why she couldn't see this morning.
by Cliford September 25, 2005

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