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When you flick the female clitoras as if it were a light switch, in a light switch motion.
Larry: I totally Light Switched that girl last night, she loved it.
Dickbuttkiss: Yes you did.
Larry: Yes i did.
by DrNufario March 18, 2011
10 11
V. The act of pulling a girls tampon out before proceeding with sex.
"Dude this chick said we couldn't cause she was on her period. So I light switched that hoe and raw dogged her all night long."
by Gnarkill_TKE March 02, 2008
7 10
when a guy and a girl is on and off from a relationship like a lightswitch
i cant beleive you guys lightswitch relationship!
by lrnzo April 16, 2004
7 11
something you call when you burp...then you call safety if you not near a lightswitch or don't feel like getting up...and if you don't grab and touch a lightswitch then someone gets to punch you:)
by eggss and bacon April 05, 2008
2 7
A very small penis, usually belonging to someone of Vietnamese descent.
Wow, Tri is like a Light switch down there.

DAAAAAAAAAAMN GIRL, his dick was so little it looked like a light switch.

The Right switch may be rittle, but you riked it a rot.
by rittle redhead August 26, 2008
1 7
Flick the bitches eyes when you're recieving head; turning off her lights and cumming on her eyes, gluing them shut.
Guy 1: I flicked a light switch on your mother last night.
Guy 2: Thats why she couldn't see this morning.
by Cliford September 25, 2005
3 19