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A common keyboard mashing, similar to jkljkljkljkl or uiouiouiouio. Often used in fits of anger or stupidity.
NO WTF! a asdfasdfasdf argh! I hate the internet!
by babaloulou November 11, 2003
An interjection implying revalation.
Man1: Why do you like men so much?
Man2: .. I'm gay.
Man1: Ah!
by babaloulou December 01, 2003
When used with the word "what's," is used to ask "how are you?" or "what are you doing?"
Howito: What's crackalin'?
Buraku: Oh, not much.
by babaloulou November 12, 2003
Current home of Family Guy and adultswim (which lately has been sucking more and more).
The only TV I ever watch anymore is Family Guy on Cartoon Network.
by babaloulou November 13, 2003
One who follows the basic definition of agnosticism but leads more towards athiesm than religion.
Lots of people don't know the word agnostic, so I just say I'm agnathiest.
by babaloulou November 15, 2003
Very crazy. More "r"s may be added to imply even more craziness.
Harvest Moon: AWL is number one selling console game? That kerrrrazy!
by babaloulou March 24, 2004
A "funny" term for Thanksgiving.
Him: Happy Bird Holocaust Day!
Me: Bird Holocaust Day? You're a dumbass.
by babaloulou December 01, 2003

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