A channel that showcases white people doing stupid, sick, crude, weird, crazy things, including suburban secrets type of situations and the opposite of what minorities do.
On Lifetime, I have seen a movie "Perfect Husband: The Scott Peterson Story", one movie that deals with a victim being abused as a child, a father who's a perverted pig, alcoholic redneck inbred wifebeating husband who's also mean to his children, kids doing drugs, a sick man arrested for sex-related offenses such as child molestation or kiddie porn (John Mark Karr), killing a child (Richard Allen Davis), killing a wife (Scott Peterson), killing their own relatives, Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas in 2008 where women and children were abused, incest, etc. To put it in a simpler way, this is what you get when you put together Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Melrose Place, Desperate Housewives, City Confidential, Silk Stalkings and Suburban Secrets. Things you NEVER see in the real movies, except for Monster, the biopic of serial killer Eileen Wournos. There was no movie about Richard Allen Davis or John Mark Karr, but those names are used as examples of the sick things that happen. Lifetime channel is somewhat of an exploitation channel.
by A brutha frum da ghetto July 10, 2008
Top Definition
a bad channel that "inspires" women with stories about women with breast cancer that were molested as a child getting beat up by their alcoholic unemployed mullet husband.
I think lifetime is for man-hating lesbians
by asdf March 17, 2004
The battered woman channel.

Nothing wrong with a channel for women, but it seems this network is run by men-hating extreme feminists.
How long has that channel been around, anyway?
by Mehh July 14, 2004
A depressing tv network which hurts women more than pure misogyny with its mindnumbing, predictable shows about women who get beaten, raped, abducted by aliens, committed to mental hospitals, sexually harassed, brainwashed, etc.
Do women who watch Lifetime ever leave the house, or are they afraid to?
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
"Lifetime... Television for idiots" (Family Guy)
Kyle: dude i was watching lifetime yesterday and...
Me: Stfu and sit, idiot
by Defenderoftime April 27, 2004
A god-awful television network that has programming that usually features a woman who is 'wronged' by a man. The men are usually portrayed as assholes, and in the end the woman ususally comes out on top and 'wins', because afterall Liftime is for shitheads.
What the fuck are you watching Lifetime for you queer.
by canadianjewfish August 06, 2006
TV channel that markets itself towards women with too much time on their hands. Usually, severely biased vs. men, portraying us as either incompetant, weak, evil/corrupt, abusive, or any combination/alteration of the preceding. Usually portrays women as perfect, and if there happens to be a female antagonist, you can definitely tell she's effed up in the dome. Hillary Clinton's personal campaign aid for her upcoming 2008 election. Don't Vote Clinton.
Nobody should watch lifetime.

Lifetime is Hillary's tool.

Curb the femvolution before it starts by dismantling lifetime.
Television for women who enjoy eating ice cream (and feeling guilty about it) and complaining about men not putting down the toilet seat. Really, is it that hard to put it down yourself?
Oooh have you seen that Lifetime Original Movie about the woman who gets breast cancer, then gets raped by her boss?
by Jaaacob July 29, 2006
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