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Dalton McGunity, Premier of Ontario
"I will not raise your taxes" - Dalton McGuinty campaign pledge.

Meanwhile, he is responsible for the largest tax increase in Ontario history.
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
wordplay, pun based on a fusion of the words 'Liberal' and 'liar'. Typicly used in an insulting manner.
Lieberals are stealing all your money to give to drug users: just ask the Cuntservatives
by Angrydead April 11, 2008

Named for conservative Democratic Joe Lieberman, Lieberals are overly PC Democrats who water down their liberal tendencies in order to do what's best for children.

Lieberals are easily distinguished from Yuppies because instead of basing their conservative leanings on fiscal concerns, they shape their worldview on what's best for children. Many Lieberals have kids of their own and use this child filter to formulate their decisions on everything from First Amendment issues to taxes to Survivor. All Lieberals suspiciously over-utilize the word "sensible" and think there is no greater sin than spanking a child.
Signs you're a Lieberal:
--When hot under the collar, you've been known to refer to someone as a jerk.
--You're active in the church or synagogue, but wish they would use gender neutral pronouns when reading from the religious texts.
--When making a fist, you place your thumb on top of your index finger.
by Glenn Baker March 25, 2008
2 -/LEE-ber-al/

n- A conservative right wing person who pretends and declares they are "independent"

adj - person with conservative views who knows it's archaic to think that way
After getting into trouble in his neighborhood, Will Smith had to move in with his auntie and uncle who were raging Lieberals.
by ghordo September 06, 2008
a leftist whose only solution to any perceived problem is to increase taxes, government involvement, or both.
A person who does not examine the issues but continues to press continuing or augmenting a course of action in the face of failure.
A person who believes that corporations and conservative movements are full of mean-spirited, greedy Scrooges but that bureaucrats and leftist politicians only have pure, altruistic motives.
Lieberals believe that man-made global warming is a fact.
Lieberals believe that ObamaCare is a success.
Lieberals believe that "Teabagger" is a synonym for conservative.
by OhioHistorian May 30, 2015

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