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Area code serving the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Niagara. Was originally 416, but was split in 1992 to provide more telephone numbers. 905 is overlaid with area code 289, making the whole numbering situation a mess.
I am not a Torontoid, and I have a 905 number, w00t w00t!
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
Do not confuse Niagara Falls, New York for Niagara Falls, Ontario. Niagara Falls, NY is a hole. Niagara Falls, ON is beautiful. Then again, most Americans have yet to actually visit the real Niagara Falls.
Only thing Niagara Falls, NY is good for is cheap gas. Even the whores in Niagara Falls, ON are better.
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
Dalton McGunity, Premier of Ontario
"I will not raise your taxes" - Dalton McGuinty campaign pledge.

Meanwhile, he is responsible for the largest tax increase in Ontario history.
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
A rotting hole in New York State on the shore of Lake Ontario. So desperate for help that they're betting all their hope on a 'fast ferry' that runs to Toronto. Only thing a fast ferry is going to do is destroy their economy faster, hah!
My god, you think Buffalo is bad? Wait till you see Rochester!
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
Former NDP Member of Parliament, convicted criminal, thief, homosexual, and terrorist sympathiser.
Svend Robinson is one of the NDP's most well-respect members, being not only a thief, but a CONVICTED thief at that! Way to go Svend!
by Snickerdo September 01, 2004
To pull a Gagliano is to appropriate funds without authorization, in contravention of law.
Jimmy pulled a Gagliano when he spent all the club's money without authority.
by Snickerdo January 14, 2006
Derogatory term for someone with to much time on their hands who thinks that they're actually important.

see: zore
That asshole is such a doc.
by Snickerdo September 02, 2004

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