someone who tells a mistruth
People who tell lies get cancer, and people who lie again get cancer again!
by Rosie O'Donnell December 05, 2003
any democrat

Bill Clinton
Al Gore
Michael Moore
filthy fucking bastards
by proud 2 b an ex-democrat August 18, 2004
the most awsum person in ur life.... like ur best friend or ur best cousin
That nigga is a true liar, he helped me beat da flying ninjas.
by cryelle August 03, 2006
Woman. And when anyone else lies, they are showing thier more feminine side.
woman, "I am not a liar!" - Lie
by Lied2 October 23, 2003
Someone that is dishonest and is not forthcoming with the truth.
She never tells the truth and cannot be trusted. She is such a liar!
by most anazing guy ever October 30, 2014

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