A deceiver; a liam is often mistaken and thought to be a stoner. Although a liam may seem stoned and always high, this is just a liams naturally personality but will not change if the culprit is high (because of this, there is no real way to tell if a liam is really stoned or not). a common trait of a liam is the stoner's eyes and a distinct stoner's laugh, followed by "nahh bro"
"Hey man, whats up bro..."

"Heeeey bro, sup...hahahaha"

"what the matter with you man, you high?"

"hahahaha, nahhh bro..."

"you're so liam bro"

"hahahaha, nahhh bro..."
by mandarin man August 13, 2012
Getting with the bestfriend of the girl you used to love.
"Wow… way to pull a Liam."
by noridesleft December 19, 2011
The biggest asshole in the whole world he acts like an ass to seem cool, but really he is a major fag who needs to get laid.
Liam is really hot, but he's such an ass.
by dick's best friend June 29, 2014
Smallest dick in the world.loves having anal with 3 men at once. Will take it up the ass any day and loves when he cleans his mouth with jizz. Loves to eat anal beads and loves to gurgle dick yayyyyyy
Liam wants to suck Logan cock
by Big Wewe May 28, 2014
A slang term for a person with ginger hair. This is a common term used in Blackpool but has started to spread across the north west and even some parts of the north east.
Person 1: hey dude!! have you heard the new ed sheeran song?

Person 2: nah i don't listen to that liam

Person 1: liam?

Person 2: he's ginger bro
by StueyD October 15, 2012
A state of body and mind manifested by an acute loss of all basic motor skills, confusion and delirium, sedation and mild aggression.

It occurs in people with a blood alcohol concentration of over 400mg/dL that do not show signs of respiratory failure or coma that are usually attributed with such an intoxication.

Treating someone who is Liam'ed should be done so with caution due to unpredictable behaviour and an absence of any form of reasonable communication. It is advised that removing the source of alcohol will prevent the symptoms becoming worse. It is also preferable to lock the subject in a padded room on his own with nothing but marijuana and a boxset in order for the alcohol level to return to manageable levels and reduce the risk of harm to other members of the public.
see Liam'd
by J Meredith April 29, 2012
usually a very white kid that looks like a ghost, who wears glasses to look cool.
"That kid looks so liam"
by Connor Mulby October 14, 2011

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