A deceiver; a liam is often mistaken and thought to be a stoner. Although a liam may seem stoned and always high, this is just a liams naturally personality but will not change if the culprit is high (because of this, there is no real way to tell if a liam is really stoned or not). a common trait of a liam is the stoner's eyes and a distinct stoner's laugh, followed by "nahh bro"
"Hey man, whats up bro..."

"Heeeey bro, sup...hahahaha"

"what the matter with you man, you high?"

"hahahaha, nahhh bro..."

"you're so liam bro"

"hahahaha, nahhh bro..."
by mandarin man August 13, 2012
A state of body and mind manifested by an acute loss of all basic motor skills, confusion and delirium, sedation and mild aggression.

It occurs in people with a blood alcohol concentration of over 400mg/dL that do not show signs of respiratory failure or coma that are usually attributed with such an intoxication.

Treating someone who is Liam'ed should be done so with caution due to unpredictable behaviour and an absence of any form of reasonable communication. It is advised that removing the source of alcohol will prevent the symptoms becoming worse. It is also preferable to lock the subject in a padded room on his own with nothing but marijuana and a boxset in order for the alcohol level to return to manageable levels and reduce the risk of harm to other members of the public.
see Liam'd
by J Meredith April 29, 2012
Refers to him self as "gangster" or "hk". Usually has a rocking bod' and good looks (but don't be fooled) , although looks aren't everything he can be a dickhead sometimes. Can be a great friend. If you mean alot to a Liam you can be sure he'll protect you from whatever and who ever. Can sometimes be not very trustworthy and it's difficult to tell wether he's lying or not. Although most Liams are straight they will usually hide there orientation so don't be fooled because he can be as straight as a round about. And in a way of hiding his orientation he can use alot of girls in a short time .
example 1:

person 1 ; that guys hard
person two ; might be a Liam
Example 2 :
Person 1 ; is he gay?
Person 2 ; yeah , he looks like a Liam
by Personwhoisverysmart November 07, 2010
usually a very white kid that looks like a ghost, who wears glasses to look cool.
"That kid looks so liam"
by Connor Mulby October 14, 2011
A completely shallow person who bases everything on appearance. Sometimes he will even refuse to hang out with a female who will not put out. He will never wingman for you so you might as well find another guy because Liam is not an option.
"I'd rather not bring Tim to the club because he's a real Liam"
by JapaAppa July 01, 2012
A person who despite his looks is a good person, I guess.. Well let's just say he's a cool asexual with the sense of humour of a dildo, yeh pretty much hilarious! :P
Speaker 1: Liam is such a weirdo! Total Liam Fan: That's why I likes him ^ ^
by YESI'MRETARDED April 04, 2010
1. ''Seedier then a piece of multi-grain bread
2. Doesn't pay for they're own movie tickets
3. Takes jokes way to far
4. Doesn't make the effort to give hugs
5. But can be amazing and funny on occasion
I went on a date with a Liam to the movies and I had to pay for the tickets as he couldn't 'find his money'. As we walked away from the ticket booth he miraculously whips out his $50 note that was scrunched up in his wallet from the night before so he wouldn't spend it the night before.
by llawl April 28, 2011

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