Goes by many names, such as sex train, sex beast, sex oranguatan, sex lemur, and sex hammer. Likes girls named Maddie.
Did you see that model go by? He's such a Liam.
by nevew November 19, 2011
A player, the one all th girls like even thoughtful know he's a cheater and doesn't give a fuck about their hearts.
He's hot, I want to be with him....oh wait that's Liam...he's a cheater and player. Nevermind
by ClimbAcactus February 21, 2015
A short person with a head that resembles a penis, known as penis-head.
- "Yoh, did you see that guys head, it looks like a penis"
- "Yeah he looks like a liam"
by $$$Unknown$$$ January 06, 2013
Liam is a person with a ridiculously large penis. Liam is hung like a horse. Liam is able to get any girl he pleases because of his ridiculously amazing looks and abnormally large penis.
" Man I hooked up with this guy named Liam and his dick was out of this world!!"
by Anonymous123 June 25, 2015
Liam is a retard that can't get any girls
"Liam, he is such a retard
by Deadmou5 March 30, 2015
noun /ˈliː.əm/
1 A man who reins supreme over his bitches, acting as their shepherd, often found carrying a pimp cane with a golden handle. He has bitches and hoes hanging from his cape and legs, and Liam slaps pimp backhands them left and right. Liam has skill with any weapon in a gang fighting environment, including a .44 magnum and sawed-off shotguns.

2 A man who is extremely popular with women, often acting as their sugar-daddy and taking multiple women on different dates during the same weekend. Not only handsome and charming, but acts sensitive enough to impress women while maintaining supreme masculinity.

3 A scholar who manages to balance a complex social life with intense academia, often admired by piers.
1 So this man with all of these bitches walked up, the women chanting "Liam!"

2 I hear Jason will take Sarah, Katie and Sunny out over the long weekend, does he think he is Liam or something?

3 I hear that Tom won't need to study for tomorrow's test, and will instead go to a wild party he was invited to as the guest of honor, Tom is a Liam.
by mailman9 January 10, 2011
A boy who catches your eye immediately and knows how to keep your attention. He is always happy and positive matching his gleaming eyes and bright smile which always lights up his face. This boy is nice to almost everyone he meets and is the crush of many wishful girls. He is super popular and athletic. This boy is definately not modest though, he is very full of himself and will constantly remark on his attractiveness.
You're eyes sparkle like a Liams.
by May-be June 02, 2015

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