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A kind and sweet guy, every Liam should be given a pat on the back for how lovely they are.
They tend to grow terrible facial hair, though.
Look at that Liams beard... Shave, man!
Oh, look at him! That's Liam. She's so lucky.
by LiteraryConstant February 23, 2013
4 2
This is one bad ass motherfucker who does not mess with the weak. He benches twice his bodyweight and curls 45's. He has the capability of flying as his lats are that big. Lady's swing of his cock for attention. He is normally seen at the local beach surfing only the biggest of the sets, he gets pitted of anything. The body of body's and the heart of a champion. Liam is short for the biggest pimp you have ever seen multiplied by 12.
*During maths test.

Q1. Let x = pimp Q2 Let x = vaginas destroyed.

Liam = 12x Liam = 112x
by Tess Dorrington February 25, 2014
0 0
A welsh slang word for a gay guy who has aids. Sometimes known as a LiamBeer
Matthew: omg I think I am a Liam.
Kirsty: why?
Matthew: well I'm gay and I think I have aids!
Kirsty: oh!
by Gmanhugedick August 19, 2013
1 2
A Liam is a kitchen lerker, He is always looking for snacks and will taste any product coming out the over. Liam is of the stocky build with rustic sunset coloured hair ginger
Get outta my kitchen and stop being a Liam
by dizzywitch79 February 26, 2013
2 4
noun /ˈliː.əm/
1 A man who reins supreme over his bitches, acting as their shepherd, often found carrying a pimp cane with a golden handle. He has bitches and hoes hanging from his cape and legs, and Liam slaps pimp backhands them left and right. Liam has skill with any weapon in a gang fighting environment, including a .44 magnum and sawed-off shotguns.

2 A man who is extremely popular with women, often acting as their sugar-daddy and taking multiple women on different dates during the same weekend. Not only handsome and charming, but acts sensitive enough to impress women while maintaining supreme masculinity.

3 A scholar who manages to balance a complex social life with intense academia, often admired by piers.
1 So this man with all of these bitches walked up, the women chanting "Liam!"

2 I hear Jason will take Sarah, Katie and Sunny out over the long weekend, does he think he is Liam or something?

3 I hear that Tom won't need to study for tomorrow's test, and will instead go to a wild party he was invited to as the guest of honor, Tom is a Liam.
by mailman9 January 10, 2011
19 22
A kind of person caught jerking off in a hotel under neath a umbrella while on a class field trip. Also a kind of person that loves getting sucked off by an ugly pink haired bitch in the boys change room.
Look at him, hes such a liam
by lolbarsss March 20, 2012
7 11
Getting with the bestfriend of the girl you used to love.
"Wow… way to pull a Liam."
by noridesleft December 19, 2011
7 11