A person who despite his looks is a good person, I guess.. Well let's just say he's a cool asexual with the sense of humour of a dildo, yeh pretty much hilarious! :P
Speaker 1: Liam is such a weirdo! Total Liam Fan: That's why I likes him ^ ^
by YESI'MRETARDED April 04, 2010
1. ''Seedier then a piece of multi-grain bread
2. Doesn't pay for they're own movie tickets
3. Takes jokes way to far
4. Doesn't make the effort to give hugs
5. But can be amazing and funny on occasion
I went on a date with a Liam to the movies and I had to pay for the tickets as he couldn't 'find his money'. As we walked away from the ticket booth he miraculously whips out his $50 note that was scrunched up in his wallet from the night before so he wouldn't spend it the night before.
by llawl April 28, 2011
a hot, talented, sweet, caring guy but can be a dickhead sometimes. he never get enough with ONE girl. he cannot make up what girl he really loves he is a fucking cheater. He has nothing to show because he has a pin. he gets agressive without wanking a day. fat bitches are his type and he ditches every pretty girls for them. HIS FAVOURITE TYPE OF GIRLS are: SLOTH FACE, TOAD FACE, SQUIRREL FACE..
Liam: "Hey babe!" (send to 10 girls)
by princessofsea November 30, 2011
a hot guy but an extreme failure at life. also wear shorts in hideous colors.
Oh my goodness, that guy is such a Liam! Did you see his shorts?
by shortsshouldntbegreen October 24, 2010
noun, a boy who wasn't beaten enough as a kid and probably should have been aborted.
I drank gas and smoked yard clippings when I was Pregnant and I had a Liam.
by I steal hubcaps June 25, 2011
A wee man, very short in stature, has a high pitched voice and used to work for Santa as an elf. But beware what he lacks in height he more then makes up in temper. He is like a angry red headed wolverine! Is a big NASCAR(none athletic sport circling around rednecks) fan who secretly loves Jimmi Johnson and wants to rub coconut butter on his tail pipe. When at work will punch, maim, or even kill a person who goes in the wrong door, so beware and pay close attention when he's screaming at you to go to a certain spot, you can die.. For real he'll kill you.
Wow that service writer totally pulled a Liam on that little kid by kicking him in the head!
by Stone cold pimp November 19, 2010
poodle pounder
Your such a Liam.
by puppychow1 October 07, 2010

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