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probably the coolest kick-ass jews on the planet. If you ever meet one consider yourself the luckiest person on earth. They are known to have extremely attractive features, with insanely amazing abilities. Chances are if they have blue eyes and brown hair, everyone wants to f*** them.
Holy crap, he must be a Levin, after what he did to all the playboy bunnies.
by Levinsta February 23, 2009
A group of elite Jewish people, who have the powere to kick major ass and do so regulary. All hebrew hammers, have insanely attractive features, and cut abs. Anyone not a part of the selective clan shows much jealousy to these awesome peopl. Hebrew Hammers can be characterized by having f***** thousands of sexy babes.
After f****** every girl in the playboy mansion, he must be a Hebrew Hammer.
by Levinsta February 23, 2009
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