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The most chronic bud in the whole western united states. Often found in Washington. An ounce of this shit costs 420 dollars.
Last night i got some dank levi. Roasted that shit and i dont know how i got here and how im typing this. OH SHIT, levi is da shit.
by t 9 is da shiznips!!!!!!!! March 04, 2009
556 432
Jeans, made by the company started by Levi Strauss. Originally hard-wearing work trousers made for gold-rush prospectors, the label shows two horses unable to tear the legs of a pair apart.

That's probably quite true cos two horses, who know each other, won't pull very hard when they each know that they're only tied to their friend. This was a good trick to make it appear that anything was very strong. Tie one horse to a pair of Levi's, and tied the other leg to a tree, then watch the bastards rip!
Anybody want to buy my old Levi's? You could easily sew them back together.
by nit-pick February 09, 2004
125 39
Levi is pretty much the greatest person ever...go levi
person1:hey levi..you kik ass
Me:I KNOW!!!!
by LeviKixMyAss May 08, 2005
439 358
biggest tool ever, one who will completely try to use you and bring you down. When stimulated, their laughter will cause a baby to die.
Dude, that kid is such a levis; He just stole my calculator!
by Falcon Zero April 07, 2009
82 38
The epitome of what is ridiculous in the world, the word "levi" describes a person that has done, is, will do or currently does 1 or more of the following:
a) Has their mom fill out all of their college applications for them.
b) Likes to do math problems with their father as a means of "bonding."
c) Honestly believes baseball is a grueling sport.
d) Aims for their chest while ejaculating.
e) Enjoys the taste of their own semen.
f) Shaves logos into their head (ie. the Chargers Lightning Bolt).
g) Thinks they are good at surfing even though everyone knows damn well they aren't.
h) Has their mom read their high school reading to them because they can't do it alone
i) Tells his mom that while they personally weren't drinking at the party, his closest friends (who happen to be with him at the time of confession) were.
j) Is going to fail at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and at life, but hasn't realized it yet.

Anything that makes you want to scream in anger or cry in pity is what "levi" is.

Far and away the most unprestigious person to walk the face of the earth, and I believe that all that is wrong in the world is the consequence of his actions. I apologize to all for his existence.

Note: All others in this dictionary praising those with the name levi represent exactly what i'm talking about, and i can guarantee that they are all named levi.
Levi is the most levi person in the world. There is no one more levi than Levi.

When questionedm regarding the possibility of some "residue" entering the mouth after ejaculating toward the chest, Levi simply responded, "I don't care, it's my own."

Why would you do something so levi?!?!?!
by Fardallon Parto December 22, 2005
1328 1288
A famous jean maker. Levi Strauss is the person who invented jeans, and thank God he did!
My favorite Levi's jean is the 505s.
by Qbert September 11, 2003
151 114
blue denim pants (from Levi Strauss, a company that makes such garnments)
I would not advise you to wear levis in this weather.
by Light Joker September 20, 2005
93 57