Levi's are definitely the greatest people you will ever meet. Once you find one, you won't want to let him go. They're the best people in the entire world. A Levi will bring you so much happiness. You have to learn to never take it for granted. They're mad kids. Majority of them have wicked hair too.
Levi is a ranga.
by Chana October 05, 2015
Levi is a highly attractive girl. She has many friends, is very popular. Always gets the eye off boys when she walks past. She's fun, loving, caring, sometimes mean, cute, lovely and more. She's a very attractive female who everyone loves.
Levi is looking gorgeous today!
by xKensie February 12, 2015
Referring to something or someone that is JEANius i.e. Genius
Yo, that whole season of Community was LEVIS!

Shakespeare's Hamlet was Literature LEVIS!

Dr.Evil was an Evil LEVI. (Singular)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was LEVIS!
by Joe Kevy October 17, 2011
a female levi, is very loyal and particularly amazing, she can be loud at times, but listens to people when they need help :) they are extremely sexy, with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. They are a lover of nutella and boozey nights, but fun to be around.

A male version, is usually a sexy black man, with serious bling and a hot london accent.
bob: they're just amazing..
Karl: what are?
bob: levis
by amazinggaaaal August 29, 2011
A small, shaved homosexual ape who migrates to Canada once a year. While it is there, it goes on the prowl for women, men and possibly bears to 'play' with, but instead gets rejected each time.
Trent,"I went skiing in Canada, and I got attacked by a wild Levi!"
Nick, "did it bite you?
Trent,"No, it wanted Jim Beam and to get a care package, but I leviid it and it left"
by AndoSTC4ever November 22, 2010
a girl who is gorgeous and very intelligent she gets along with most people but dont take shit from no one
dayyymmm that levii is hothothot
by lllllevvvvvviiiiiii June 30, 2009
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