The most chronic bud in the whole western united states. Often found in Washington. An ounce of this shit costs 420 dollars.
Last night i got some dank levi. Roasted that shit and i dont know how i got here and how im typing this. OH SHIT, levi is da shit.
by t 9 is da shiznips!!!!!!!! March 04, 2009
An amazing person.thinks of the posisitive in life. can make anyone smile.never frowns. very handsome. can get any girl.typically is very tall, slender, has curly dirty blonde hair, dresses in whatever is in the closet. favorite color is usually blue. someone everyone one loves. very athletic and competitive.very sexy. extremely smart.and typically falls in love with ashley's
Everyone: Wow, Levi your just Amazing!
by Jimmycocks March 04, 2012
An American clothing company founded in the 1850's known for its brand of denim jeans. Originally worn by miners, cowboys, bikers, greasers, and other rugged types. Levi's was a high grade quality brand that you could work and look good in at the same time. More recently, Levi's was the clothing of choice for the working man, counterculture groups (punks, metalheads, and rockabillies), or for those that didn't want to follow trends. However, all that changed as Levi's became more mainstream and "trendy". Levi's now caters to different groups and is now the brand worn by douchebags, hipsters, and swagfags. The quality of Levi's has really gone down hill as their materials are very thin and no two pants fit the same. In addition, their prices have skyrocketed. Levi's even started making mediocre fits and styes such as 511 skinny jeans and even silver colored denim. Now all there styles, whether skinny or not, feel more tight around the legs and crotch and aren't very durable.
Couple years ago only working men and rockers wore Levi's.... now everybody is wearing them.

What's up with all these hipsters and swagfags wearing Levi's, thats not even your style.

by iwantmyoldlevis February 10, 2013
The epitome of what is ridiculous in the world, the word "levi" describes a person that has done, is, will do or currently does 1 or more of the following:
a) Has their mom fill out all of their college applications for them.
b) Likes to do math problems with their father as a means of "bonding."
c) Honestly believes baseball is a grueling sport.
d) Aims for their chest while ejaculating.
e) Enjoys the taste of their own semen.
f) Shaves logos into their head (ie. the Chargers Lightning Bolt).
g) Thinks they are good at surfing even though everyone knows damn well they aren't.
h) Has their mom read their high school reading to them because they can't do it alone
i) Tells his mom that while they personally weren't drinking at the party, his closest friends (who happen to be with him at the time of confession) were.
j) Is going to fail at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and at life, but hasn't realized it yet.

Anything that makes you want to scream in anger or cry in pity is what "levi" is.

Far and away the most unprestigious person to walk the face of the earth, and I believe that all that is wrong in the world is the consequence of his actions. I apologize to all for his existence.

Note: All others in this dictionary praising those with the name levi represent exactly what i'm talking about, and i can guarantee that they are all named levi.
Levi is the most levi person in the world. There is no one more levi than Levi.

When questionedm regarding the possibility of some "residue" entering the mouth after ejaculating toward the chest, Levi simply responded, "I don't care, it's my own."

Why would you do something so levi?!?!?!
by Fardallon Parto December 22, 2005
An extremely talented, musically inclined hipster. He's strikingly attractive. He's very (VERY) sarcastic and can be a bit of a douche (at rare moments), but overall is a rather lovely person. He's funny and likes to make people laugh, and easily brightens any room with his presence alone. He is very unique, definitely one-of-a-kind, but it's what makes him easy to love.

He's a huge flirt, but absolutely knows how a girl should be treated. Any girl, ANY, would be extremely lucky to have him.

Emphasis on how hot he is.
GIrl: "Zamn, I have a Levi."
Rest of the World: *drops dead in jealousy*

HAM flirt genuine]
by Pft. You Know Who I Am May 27, 2014
Hot guy with green or blue eyes, blond hair, medium or tall and full of himself. He's the type of guy every girl wants to get with.. But has many faults. Short tempered but, different around the girls he likes.
Miranda: OMG. i just hooked up with the hottest guy at this party!
Jennifer: really? me too!
Miranda: whats his name?
Jennifer: Levi.
Miranda: you bitch. I hooked up with levi too!
by Onlythetruth4u February 21, 2011
A boy that is really good looking. Charms females with his kindness and humor. Incredibly cute. Has good fashion sense. Very honest. Faithful. Everything a female could ask for and very confident.
"He is so beautiful and he's just the whole package, he's definitely a Levis!.
by georgeio February 17, 2012
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