An American clothing company founded in the 1850's known for its brand of denim jeans. Originally worn by miners, cowboys, bikers, greasers, and other rugged types. Levi's was a high grade quality brand that you could work and look good in at the same time. More recently, Levi's was the clothing of choice for the working man, counterculture groups (punks, metalheads, and rockabillies), or for those that didn't want to follow trends. However, all that changed as Levi's became more mainstream and "trendy". Levi's now caters to different groups and is now the brand worn by douchebags, hipsters, and swagfags. The quality of Levi's has really gone down hill as their materials are very thin and no two pants fit the same. In addition, their prices have skyrocketed. Levi's even started making mediocre fits and styes such as 511 skinny jeans and even silver colored denim. Now all there styles, whether skinny or not, feel more tight around the legs and crotch and aren't very durable.
Couple years ago only working men and rockers wore Levi's.... now everybody is wearing them.

What's up with all these hipsters and swagfags wearing Levi's, thats not even your style.

by iwantmyoldlevis February 10, 2013
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A highly attractive, muscular, athletic person who loves sports and being outside. He is one of the sweetest and honest people a girl could meet, and is hard to let go of. He will make you laugh so hard you cry, and once you spend a day with him, you will never forget the time you had. Levi is a unique, one of a kind person that is loved by everyone.
Everyone: Levi is amazing!
by SaIntZbOi97 February 04, 2010
Loving, beautiful, handsome, great, awsome, someone you can depend on
Levi is someone everyone should meet!
by Lesa Peterson March 28, 2005

A guy that's really awesome!!!
one of the coolest people on the earth.
levi rocks!!!

levi kicks ass!!!
by MorbidMolly January 25, 2005
very sexy; what else is there to say.
you look so levi today
by ease. April 30, 2005
One of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. Anyone who submitted a negative definition for 'Levi' is either jealous, or just upset because they are inferior to the all-mighty Levi.
It is redundant to say that Levi is awesome.
by shhhheeeiiiitttt June 22, 2010
one who is a crazy sword/gun loving son of a bitch
look at the levi in the sword store
by monicatwilly August 09, 2008
Levi is a very attrative person and name. What i've experienced is that Levi has a huge penis.
I was walking down the street and saw a person. I asked him what his name was and it was Levi. I gave him a hug but when I gave him a hug I felt a tree hit me. but it wasn't actually a tree it was his....... well you know what it was. And since he had that huge thing, I went out with him.
by whopper mac February 11, 2010

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