a substance that squirts from a tube like a caulk gun, such as sealer, glue, or, of course, caulk.
put a squirt of lettuce on that drawer to keep it stuck together
by ubernostrum June 15, 2004
Giving/getting head.or dome.But only the best kind.like the freshest lettuce from the ground.
lettuce is commonly reffered to as a head of lettuce.therefore getting dome could be said as "yo that bitch gave me some sweet lettuce last night"
by Totaldewd November 30, 2010
A ghetto synonym for hair.
"Omg Some one shredded her lettuce."

This equates to omg some one cut her hair, and it looks really bad.
by Spiffnic May 16, 2009
Money, cash, scrilla, chedda, Benjamins, hunnids, paper, stacks, dinero, etc
I need more lettuce so I can buy some lettuce at the farmers market.
by Potus February 17, 2014
Never give up.
tumblr lettuce
by alittlemoment February 20, 2013
The green stuff you throw at a Jessica.
Person 1: Hey look, it's a Jessica.

Person 2: Give me the lettuce.
by LettuceGal June 18, 2014
A popular lacrosse term to describe someones hair.
Hey Tom, sweet lettuce.
by Craig Jarvis March 24, 2011
a skinny woman who prides herself on her lack of caloric intake, usually a perpetual tracker of Weight Watcher points
Skinny girl: "Anyone want to split this M&M with me?"
All the other girls: "OOOOh, that bitch is so lettuce!"
by AlbinoMuffCabbage November 29, 2010

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