Often used among South Florda surfers. It means about the same as weak because it is used to describe something lacking value or strength.
Surfer 1: "That swell still goin off bro?"
Surfer 2: "Nah, the winds got on it"
Surfer 1: "Lettuce"
by Betsea87 April 15, 2008
A word used to describe a person with no redeeming qualities. Comes from the fact that lettuce has no nutritional value.

Similar to "brings nothing to the table"
John isn't coming out tonight.

That kid is lettuce!
by the bottom April 12, 2008
From euro-gelled hair language 'lataz' (which means farewell, distortion of "laters").
Good bye.
-Maaaan, I go to the Deep Dish concert, maaan.
-Okay, lettuce.
by Jesus Christ January 12, 2005
Nickname for money, cash.
Muthuh fuckuh boosted my lettuce at the party.
by Paul August 23, 2004
a substance that squirts from a tube like a caulk gun, such as sealer, glue, or, of course, caulk.
put a squirt of lettuce on that drawer to keep it stuck together
by ubernostrum June 15, 2004

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