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Lerf, used by annoying white girls everywhere to communicate how 'literally perfect' that thing on Instagram is!
"Omg Tiffany did you see Selena Gomez's new outfit?!"
"Yes omg Stephanie it's soooo lerf!"
by Lordpotatochip March 08, 2015
Originally in a Vine by Vincent Marcus, a comedy/beatbox Viner , Lerf is the short version for the phrase 'Literally Perfect.' This word is commonly used by typical white girls .
"O. M. G. Brittany! Your hair is like so Lerf!!"
by xXTyrone_BrunnerXx May 09, 2015
1) Another way of saying loaf.
2) In substitution for a square person.
1) Hey, where did you by that lerf???
1a) You fat fucken lerf!!!

2)You're such a lerf man.
by WolfClaw406 January 19, 2009
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