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1. The act of wetting the testicles during defication due water splashing
2. The act of dipping the testicles in toilet water
One must be careful not to Leon in public bathrooms
by synsykie June 22, 2011
An extremely fat, obese and non flexible person that constantly mimics the walking style of a penguin as he has a wooden peg leg. He is also someone with a dry and extremely annoying personality. This person is also an all round idiot, sometimes ashamed because has 'n small penis and large boobs.
You walk like a Leon!
Why are you so Leon?
Did you get your prosthetic leg from Leon?
I thought your were an idiot, but now I know that your Leon.
Did you pick up weight, because your starting to look like a Leon.
That penguin is so Leon!
Your personality is so horrible, it's Leon.
by dubbleclutch September 17, 2011