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definition #1: very annoying little boys that kill you with their extra extra annoyingness that no one likes because they're annoying.

definiton #2: a fruit used to make lemon juice

definition #3: a very perverted word used for private body parts

definition #4: a word that can be used whenever, wherever, and can be made to apply, or NOT apply, to ANYTHING.
#1: Hm, let's kill lemons.

#2: Lemons are yellow and sour but it at the same time NOT pee.

#3: I kicked him in the lemons!!

#4: Q: Pink or Blue? --- Respond with: LEMONS.
by yoplait February 19, 2005
40 57
When someone is wicked hot, or cool.
That kid over there is lemons.
by Lemonpeoplearedopeshit March 06, 2011
0 18
An Underground street name for weed.
Can be used as follows.

Lemons = Weed.
Lime = Tabacco
Lime and Lemons = Tabacco and Weed
Sour = Getting Stoned/High.
Sucking Some Lemons = Smoking Some Weed.
"I'm going down to my mates house later to fo and suck some lemons, may mix a little bit of lime in aswell. Should get nice and sour"

by Mr.Smook July 02, 2007
57 75
A female who like to tongue fight wit other girlies hehe ;). Thought to be used because when the women is dehydrated her puss puss is very acidic like a lemon.
Billy get me a drink of whaaaater cause me pussy taste fuunny when I don't drink water.
by Rosie Perez May 06, 2003
6 24
Very upright boobs; boobs that are practically pointing towards the sky.
Andrew: Woah! nice lemons gracie

Gracie: shut up you pervy transvestite
by Tom the Ninja April 30, 2008
9 30
A less offensive way of pointing out that a male is extremely homosexual, i.e. very flamboyant.
Hey, check out our waiter.......he is so lemons!


When John squatted close behind you when you were lining up your putt.........I could totally tell he was lemons.
by d b August 29, 2007
38 59
A masachistic,sadistic nutter who rapes cats and has a fetish for clamped nipples.
o my god man u is a lemon
by Chris Summersell March 31, 2004
9 32