1. A gay gurl,
often hot,
but sometimes not,
she'll go for the furry cup,
and ruffle her girlfriend up,
then she'll start kissing her and feeling her insides,
then its time for the strap on and penetration deep inside
2. A citrus fruit
1. TATU,
Luceal + Tang
2. ''dat lemonade sure woz good''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
a female of the homosexual persuasion, usually very attractive-looking and with an impertinent attitude.
Oh, that girl is hot but I bet she's a total lemon.
by rikki May 06, 2005
A type of fruit. Usualy found in perticular drinks. Sour.
Guy#1: Dude look what i found a lemon!
Guy#2: ...
Guy#1: ...
Guy#2: ......You gona eat that or what?
by -nicotine- March 10, 2005
1) A type of fruit that is very useful when making tarts, teas, or pies

2) Anything from Kia
1) That lemon tart looks good

2) Kia Sportages are ugly
by claustrophobic chicken December 15, 2004
Bland, cookie cutter, porno stories. Get to be really tasteless.
Lemon stories are nothing like real lemons (the fruit), because real lemons actually have a constantly intense and nice, sour flavor.
by The Hitokiri-Battousai December 04, 2003
Fun To Throw At People
Lets Throw Lemons At People!!
by A*Girl July 05, 2006
A lemon is an attractive woman who has no other possitive attributes. There only purpose in life is to be thought about while you wank.
What about that one with long dark hair?

No mate, she used to be on same Job Club as me, she nothing but a lemon
by mr smith March 08, 2005

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