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Bland, cookie cutter, porno stories. Get to be really tasteless.
Lemon stories are nothing like real lemons (the fruit), because real lemons actually have a constantly intense and nice, sour flavor.
by The Hitokiri-Battousai December 04, 2003
5 14
Fun To Throw At People
Lets Throw Lemons At People!!
by A*Girl July 05, 2006
60 70
A lemon is an attractive woman who has no other possitive attributes. There only purpose in life is to be thought about while you wank.
What about that one with long dark hair?

No mate, she used to be on same Job Club as me, she nothing but a lemon
by mr smith March 08, 2005
11 22
1. Oldsmobile Eighty Eights
2. All Oldsmobiles period
Friend: My car broke down yesterday.
Me: Damn, must be an oldsmobile
by Da Fella August 17, 2004
4 15
When a guy or girl urinates during sexual intercourse.
"Man, I was hitting dat shit last nite and she pulled a lemon on me outta nowhere!"
by Nasty Massey March 28, 2004
3 14
a.k.a aaron krohn. kinda dumb loves baily
do do do baily is cool mo freka
by lemon February 12, 2005
3 18
the facial expression made when:

1)An individual hears or sees something 'heartrending' and reacts by screwing their face up as if they had just eaten lots of lemons

2) an individual is deeply upset and looks bitter
"man, trust me when she started singing I was showing bare lemons"

"I aint into that girl, she just looks lemons"
by IsaiahDee June 07, 2005
12 29